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Discover the 10 must-visit destinations for authentic Kerala cuisine in God's Own Country, offering a culinary journey through the flavours of Kerala's rich culinary heritage.

10 Must-Visit Restaurants for Authentic Kerala Cuisine in God's Own Country

Kerala cuisine is a gastronomic delight renowned for its rich flavours, aromatic spices, and emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Characterized by a harmonious blend of coconut, curry leaves, and indigenous spices, it offers a diverse range of dishes, from fiery seafood curries to delicate coconut-based stews, all served with fluffy rice or traditional breads like appam and puttu. The hallmark of Kerala cuisine lies in its use of coconut milk, tamarind, and a unique mix of spices, creating a symphony of tastes that reflect Kerala's cultural diversity and culinary heritage. Let us explore where you should go to taste the local favourites in Kerala.

Paragon Restaurant

Located at various locations in Kerala, Paragon restaurant is famous for its Calicut style biryani. Pair it with a side of mustard fish fry or mango fish curry for a complete culinary experience. The restaurant's impeccable hospitality and ambiance add to the overall dining satisfaction.

Kayees Rahmathulla Café, Mattancherry, Kochi

Established in 1948, this restaurant epitomizes Kerala's passion for culinary delights. Its ghee-cooked biryani has even drawn the likes of actors such as Mammootty. Despite this, the restaurant retains its humble simplicity. Featuring Mutton or Chicken Biryani on the menu, diners can customize their meal with preferred side dishes. Managed by the third generation of the family, the restaurant operates from two locations. While both branches offer equally exceptional biryani, the old Kayees Rahmathullah Cafe in Mattancherry provides a rustic charm, whereas the newer one in Pallimukku offers added comfort, particularly in the summer.

Thaff Restaurant, Allepey

This restaurant has four branches in Allepey and is known for its Kerala food. Try their 'Karimeen Pollichathu' (fresh fish marinated with spices and cooked in a banana leaf); it’s an Alleppey specialty. Locals particularly adore Thaff's Prawn Roast and Chicken Kothi Pori. Among the four branches, the ones at Mullakkal Road or Paravoor have better parking and seating.

Dhe Puttu, Kochi

Dhe Puttu specializes in puttu, a steamed rice cake layered with grated coconut, served with an array of traditional accompaniments like kadala curry, banana, and pappadam. It’s an immensely popular single-dish themed restaurant offering a variety of mix-and-match options. It's a must-visit destination known for its uniqueness, interesting menu choices, efficient service, appealing interiors, and exceptional food quality.

Malabar Junction, Kochi

The restaurant fuses Malabar flavours with a contemporary twist, offering dishes like Malabar prawn curry, Kozhi varutharachathu (spicy chicken curry), and Thalassery biryani, known for its unique blend of spices.

Villa Maya, Thiruvananthapuram

Renowned for its inventive take on Kerala cuisine, this upscale boutique restaurant delights diners with its eclectic menu. In addition to traditional Kerala fare, it presents a diverse selection of international dishes and an impressive assortment of desserts. Don't be surprised to encounter a chicken steak served in a banana leaf! Housed in an 18th-century Dutch bungalow, the restaurant offers a charming setting for a leisurely evening, accompanied by superb culinary delights.

MVK Restaurant, Kannur

Nestled in the bustling bazaar of Kannur, MVK is a culinary gem revered by locals. This unassuming yet hygienic eatery specializes in 'nadan' (local) Kerala cuisine, featuring Malabari porotta, prawns, and chicken cooked in traditional North Kerala pepper. Its standout dish is the Malabari Biryani, particularly the fish biryani, which promises a delightful twist. Conclude your meal with MVK's signature lemon tea, a refreshing palate cleanser that might just leave you craving for more.

Mothers Veg Plaza, Thiruvananthapuram

Mothers Veg Plaza is one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Kerala. They have an extensive menu but just ditch it and straight away order Kerala's traditional meal ‘sadhya’. It is a platter of 13 to 16 vegetarian items spread on a banana leaf, served and eaten during celebrations. A range of items will start pouring on your banana leaf till you beg them to stop.

Fort House Restaurant, Fort Kochi

Fort House Restaurant offers authentic Kerala seafood dishes, including spicy fish curries, grilled prawns, and crab preparations, served amidst a charming ambiance overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Grand Pavilion, Kochi

Grand Pavilion is known for its elaborate Kerala thali meals, featuring a lavish spread of rice, curries, seafood delicacies, and desserts, offering a comprehensive taste of Kerala's culinary heritage.

The above restaurants not only serve delicious Kerala cuisine but also offer a glimpse into the culinary culture and traditions of the state, making them must-visit destinations for food enthusiasts visiting Kerala.

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