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Kerala Information

Kerala is an Indian state located on the Malabar Coast. It is known for its natural beauty. Geographically, it lies between Western Ghats and Lakshadweep Sea, which causes the climate of the state to be equatorial tropic. However, the climatic conditions vary according to the geographic locations. The eastern highlands including mountainous terrain have cool temperature throughout the year, whereas the coastal plain regions experience warm and humid climate for most parts of the year. Kerala is a secular state with people from different communities living in communal harmony. People following Hinduism form major part of the population, with significant number of Muslims and Christians. Malayalam is the major language spoken here.

Kerala has a well connected network of roads and highways that offers connectivity to the people living in different regions. For visitors, there are facilities for taxis and luxury coaches. For general public, there are well maintained and regular bus services. There are trains for cheap and comfortable intercity traveling. For water logged regions, there are facilities for boats and ferries. These ferries are the best way to enjoy the breathtaking backwaters of Kerala. Kerala is also culturally rich with a large number of festivals like Onam, Mahashivratri, Navratri, Diwali, Id and Christmas celebrated here. The state is also popular for its folk dances and art forms.

Boat Races in Kerala
Another, unparalleled attraction of God's Own Country. Another great event as important as the land's ethos as the elephant pageant. A sport that signifies the excellent team spirit, integration and amity of the people of this backwater country. An occasions of great excitement that is a reflection of a vibrant people.

Climate of Kerala
The diversity of the geographical features of the state has resulted in a corresponding diversity in climate. The High Ranges have a cool and bracing climate throughout the year, while the plains are hot and humid.

Dances of Kerala
Kerala has a rich repertoire of folk dances. They reflect the temperaments and moods of the localities in music and costumes and are highly developed. Religious colouring is mostly seen in almost all of these folk dances, even in those performed in connection with harvests, sowing of seeds festivals etc.

Festivals of Kerala
Kerala wakes up to some festival or the other every day of the year and Keralites are addicted to the festivals. In short ' Keralisation' of the festivals of different communities is the unique feature of Kerala life.

There are all means of transport, including motored four-wheelers, auto rickshaws, bicycles but the backwaters of Kerala are strewn with different modes of water transport.

Languages of Kerala
The term 'Malayalam' as referring to the language of Kerala is of comparatively recent origin. To begin with, it denoted the land itself. It is probable that the term is the resultant of a combination of two words, mala meaning mountain and alam meaning the land or locality (which lies along side the mountain).

Religion in Kerala
Religion has played a crucial role in Kerala's culture. There are mainly three religions in Kerala - Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. As far as the religion of Kerala is concerned, the origins could be traced to Hinduism.

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