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St. Angelo’s Fort, in Kannur (Kerala), is an exotic piece of architecture with its triangular design and magnificent interiors.

St. Angelo’s Fort

Fast Facts :

Location Kannur, Kerala
Nearest Airport/Railway Station Karipur International Airport / Kannur Station
Nearby Attractions Fort St. Angelos, Thalassery Fort, Payyambalam Beach, Baby Beach
Best Time to Visit October to June

Also known as Kannur Fort, St. Angelo's Fort, is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Kerala, is crafted entirely out of laterite and thus it sports an old sporadic look. The fort is an architectural epiphany, with its massive triangular design and it adjoining bastions. The protected monument is replete with a big moat which runs around the fort. This famous fort was constructed by the first Portuguese viceroy in India, Don Francesco de Almeida in the year 1505. The fort is situated just 3km west from the town of Kannur. From the fort one can run his eyes on the Moppila Bay and Dharmadom Island, which are situated near the fort. The beautiful Dharmadom Island is a small island just five acres in area and is located just 100 meters away from the coast in the Arabian Sea. The Moppila Bay is a natural fishing bay, which is until now used for the same purpose. St. Angelo's Fort, which faces the Arabian Sea, provides a mesmerizing view of the Sea during sunrise and sunset.

St. Angelo's Fort has an interesting historical background, as it has seen a number of rulers and invaders. This fort has also seen a number of battles almost all were fought for gaining the possession of this fort. After the construction of this fort in 1505 by Don Francesco de Almeida, it constantly remained under attacks from a number of native rulers in the Siege of Kannur in 1507. However, all their efforts were in vain, as the Fort provided its inhabitants security from any kind of attack. Later on, Almeida refused to surrender the fort to Afonso de Albuquerque who came to supersede himself as the new Governor. Almeida instead captured Afonso de Albuquerque and imprisoned him inside the Fort.

In the year 1663, the Dutch captured the Kannur Fort from the Portuguese. They modernized the fort by adding the bastions Hollandia, Zeelandia and Frieslandia which are the major features of the present structure of St Angelo's Fort. The original Portuguese Structure was pulled down later. The Dutch later on sold the fort to a native king Ali Raja of Arakkal, in the year 1772. But in 1790 the British seized the Fort, renovated it into a military base and used it as their chief military station in Malabar. Today, St. Angelo’s Fort or Kannur Fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India, which takes care of its maintenance.

Kannur Fort, after much renovation, remains a classic example of Portuguese architecture, though modernization throughout time makes it more of a fusion of various European architectural styles. St. Angelo's Fort has an interesting feature which is worth mentioning, when it comes to its architecture. A wall protruding from the Fort separates the saline sea water of the Arabian Sea from the inland water. The Moppila Bay is now turned into a modern fishing harbor with modern fishing equipments, which is an Indo-Norwegian Project. The adjoining bastions, which give the fort a triangular form, are a piece of architectural mastery.

How to Reach

By Road
The network of road is well set and it is ideal to visit Kannur Fort by road. However, one is advised to book a private vehicle or a taxi to visit this Fort, as this is located in interiors of Kannur.

By Rail
The nearest railway station is the Kannur Railway Station, which is located about 3 km from the Fort. One can board on a train to any major city of India.

By Air
The nearest airport to St. Angelo’s Fort is Karipur International Airport, located at Kozhikode, which is 93kms away from the fort. From here, you can take flight to almost all the major domestic and international destinations.

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