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Therapeutic Programmes

Therapeutic programs of Ayurvedic treatment are designed to treat chronic diseases such as Spondilitis, paralysis, insanity and a number of other diseases. As these treatments are therapeutic, these are supposed to be continued for a prolonged period of time. These treatments are specially designed for the finding cure to a particular disease, so these differ from person to person. These treatments may include a number of meditation and massage sessions, which are prescribed according to the ailment a person suffers from. There are a number of treatments which an Ayurvedic specialist can prescribe. These treatments may include the following therapies:

Dhara is one of the most popular forms of medication, which one commonly relates Ayurveda with. In this form of therapeutic treatment, a stream of a number of herbal oils or medicated milk or buttermilk and other decoctions are gently strained on the forehead or the whole body of the patient. This treatment is usually prescribed for the treatment of chronic diseases such as insomnia mental stress and hypertension etc.

In this treatment medicated ghee is fed to the patient in a quantity which is a little more than the average consumption of an individual. Though Ayurvedic treatments are for all age groups these treatments are strictly avoided for the treatment of children below the age of 14 years as consuming a large quantity of ghee can affect the digestive system of a child. This treatment is usually followed for the treatment of osteoarthritis, leukemia etc.

This treatment is prescribed for the treatment of spondylosis and rheumatic diseases. In this treatment a piece of fresh cloth is dipped in a container of medicated oil and then squeezed over the body, so that the oil is poured over the body. Masseurs immediately rub that oil in a rhythmic manner on the body. This treatment continues for one or one and a half hour, daily.

Instead of oils, A number of medicated Ayurvedic powders are used in this type of Ayurvedic treatment, to massage the entire body of the patient. This treatment is suitable for paralysis, obesity and certain rheumatic ailments.

Marma Chikitsa
The principle behind this treatment is that human body has a number of sensitive pressure points, which if stimulated in a proper way, can help cure a number of ailments, especially those related to musculo-skeletal problems.

The Nasyam treatment concentrates solely on the treatment and care of the nose and the parts closer to the nasal area. In this treatment, a number of decoctions, ghee and medicated oils are inhaled through nose. This helps in terminating the morbid factors from the area which is related to the nose and nasal cavity.

This treatment is related completely to the ears. This includes cleaning and applying medicated oils to the ears for 10-15 minutes a time and three to four times a day. This helps in cleaning the ear canal and also in the treatment of ear related problems.

This treatment is meant especially for the treatment of ailments related to the eye. This treatment is specially prescribed to the people who are at early stages of cataract and for the strengthening of the optical nerve.

This is an intense treatment meant especially for the healing of injuries along with certain skin diseases. This treatment includes application of certain medicated oils to the body of the patient. After this, the entire body is made to perspire by applying the Njavara rice packs, these are boluses tied in muslin bags.

Shirovasthi is a part of extensive Ayurvedic treatment. It is practiced only in the presence of a specialized Ayurvedic practitioner. In this the patient is made to wear a specially designed leather cap and then lukewarm oil is poured on the head of the patient. This treatment works for a number of diseases including dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, facial paralysis and burning sensation in the head.

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